College Success Foundation Scholars

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The College Success Foundation Scholars Program invites Achievers, Governor’s Scholars, Passport Scholars and Leadership 1000 Scholars to join a learning community that supports your academic success here at Western.

Program Support for College Success Foundation Scholars

  • Academic advising
  • Career development planning and support
  • Leadership development
  • Financial aid planning and application assistance
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Social activities

Academic Advising

Meet with your Western CSF Academic Support Coordinator, Bryce Sasaki, every month to choose courses, discuss grades, finances, challenges, etc. To schedule a virtual advising appointment or take advantage of our drop-in advising via Zoom, please visit our Advising webpage to learn how to connect with Bryce and Student Outreach Services.

Social Events

CSF Scholars are invited to attend all events coordinated by Students Outreach Services. Some of these events are hosted by our Peer Mentor Program.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a Mentee, please visit our Peer Mentor Program webpage.

CSF Emergency Fund Request (EFR)

The CSF Emergency Fund Request is an application to receive short-term and/or one-time financial assistance for unexpected / unavoidable financial emergencies that directly impact or jeopardize one’s continued enrollment in college. At this time, EFR funds are only available to CSF Scholars (i.e. Achievers, Leadership 1000, Governors and ‘Why Not You’ Scholars) currently enrolled in college.

CSF Contacts

Interested? Contact the Western CSF Scholars Program Coordinator:
Bryce Sasaki
Phone: (360) 650-2664

For more information about the College Success Foundation and its many programs, contact:
Robbie Lang
College Success Foundation
Program Manager, College Services
Phone: (425) 416-2029