First-Generation Celebration 2021

Western's first generation students, faculty, staff and alumni observed the annual First-Generation Celebration on Monday, November 8th, via Zoom. Speakers from our first-generation community shared their stories.


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First-Generation Celebration 2021 Workshops

AS Club Activities | Nov. 9 | 11 AM - 12 PM

Facilitator: Jenn Cook (Club Activities Manager)

Department: Viking Union

Description: Clubs are an integral part of being a college student and are designed for every interest. Come learn more about joining a club or starting your own!

Location: Zoom

Focus: Community

Peer Mentor Program | Nov. 9 | 1 - 1:30 PM

Facilitators: Bryce Sasaki (Academic Support Coordinator), Kailey Droz (Peer Mentor), Izzy deGrasse (Peer Mentor)

Department: Student Outreach Services

Description: Interested in connecting with a student who has “been there/done that” and can really help you navigate your first year at Western?  Learn more about our Peer Mentor Program!

Location: Zoom

Focus: Community

Ask Me Anything | Nov. 9 | 2 - 3 PM

Facilitators: Cameron Wuhr (Academic Support Coordinator), Ananda Trujillo (Senior Lead Mentor – Compass 2 Campus)

Department: Student Outreach Services

Description: A meeting with students to answer any questions you might have about SOS, WWU, Bellingham, or anything else that comes to mind.

Location: Zoom

Focus: Community

Info Session | Nov. 9 | 2 - 3 PM

Facilitators: Shannon Dubenion-Smith (Associate Professor of German and Linguistics), Joan Hoffman (Professor of Spanish)

Department: Modern and Classical Languages

Description: Come learn about all the language programs and major/minors in MCL as well as the community-building activities that the department offers such as language tables and clubs. 

Location: MH 022

Focus: Community

Meet and Greet | Nov. 9 | 4 - 5 PM

Facilitators: Litav Langley (LGBTQ+ Director), Sharlotte Lily (Program Assistant)

Department: LGBTQ+ Western

Description: A casual and fun time to meet and build community with other LGBTQ+ first gen students at Western.

Location: VU 462

Focus: Community

Minecraft | Nov. 9 | 4:30 - 6 PM

Facilitator: Julia Burns (Program Manager)

Department: Off-Campus Living

Description: Come join other students in a Minecraft LAN speed building event. Prepare for an adventure as you build your world.

Location: VU 420

Focus: Community

Peace Corps/Study Abroad | Nov. 9 | 5 - 6 PM

Facilitators: Abby Senuty (Peace Corps Campus Recruiter), Hannah Nevitt (Study Abroad Advisor)

Department: Career Services Center and Education Abroad

Description: Attend our interactive session to learn about the many funding pathways for first generation students to study, work, teach, and/or volunteer internationally. Join us - the world awaits!

Location: OM 483

Focus: Community

Info Session | Nov. 10 | 1 - 2 PM

Facilitators: Carissa Bane (Co-Coordinator), Nicole Piscopo (Academic/Career Advisor)

Department: Academic Advising Center

Description: Have you met with an Academic Advisor recently? This session is a great opportunity for you to ask questions you have around course registration, graduation requirements, declaring a major, and more.

Location: Zoom

Focus: Well-Being

Self-Regulation | Nov. 10 | 3 - 4 PM

Facilitator: Raumilya Smith (Graduate Student)

Department: Psychology

Description: Join us as we explore how self-regulation can influence how we might best cope and manage stress that comes from daily living as a college student. 

Location: AW 303

Focus: Well-Being

Mindful Self-Compassion | Nov. 10 | 4 - 5 PM

Facilitator: Chris Edwards (Psychologist)

Department: Counseling and Wellness Center

Description: Join me at the Counseling & Wellness Center for shared space in cultivating self-compassion and mindfulness. 

Location: VU 462 A

Focus: Well-Being

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